Rebuilding the hairline


Fusing new extensions to the hair


Brand new hairline

Virtually impossible to detect
Can run fingers through the hair
Can wash, blow dry, flat iron.. brush as it becomes your own hair


The trend of the last years in the world of beauty is represented by the union of the research of wealth and innovation.
VIDAHAIR offers a patented and guaranteed system by Vinicio Flamini, Hair Designer specialist in hair extension. “My aim was to revolution the way of realizing lengthening and thickening”, tells us Vinicio Flamini, “because I felt the need to bring in a so inflated market something innovative to the stylists with an UNIQUE system suitable for all targets of customers. In fact with TRIMMER TECHNOLOGY you eliminate the weight and thickness of the traditional anchors and, for the first time, brushing the extensions from the root or passing the plate on the applications will no longer be a problem.”
VIDAHAIR is a young and dynamic company, founded in 2007 by Daniela Izzo. With its strong character VIDAHAIR managed to find its size in an already well asserted international market, focusing on quality, research and innovation, investments that in a very short time helped her to become an established reality. Another strength of VIDAHAIR is the knowhow of its team that heads straight to the needs of professionals to whom VIDAHAIR addresses all its attention and energies, so that hair extension can return to be an activity capable to rekindle creativity that many people try to annihilate together with the freedom of choice.

The real challenge of Hair Extension System between Hot and Cold system can only win the #VIDAHAIR with the new concept of MIX applications, diversity is now work together in synergy. Strands with keratin and #TrimmerTechnology together to create unique and absolute images, is not a simple job of hair extension is a concept of professional creation which starts from the full understanding of what you are doing. now all the challenges can be overcome with a single solution, no limits to creativity.
Why choose the VIDA HAIR System?

– Invincible bonds which are light weight.
– No more bulky or heavy bonds or wefts and they can be placed up to the hairline or even on the hairline.
– 1-1000 hairs can be added at a time.
– It’s a very bespoke UNISEX system which gives you natural looking thickness or even length.
– Can also be used to add highlights or even that flash of colour without any chemical treatment. Even the finest of hairs it can be placed on.
– Fast and easy hair extension ever
– Application from 1 to 1000 hairs at one time
– 100% invisible and imperceptible anchorages
– No superimpositions, apply hair extension directly in customer’s hair
– Pass the hot flat iron and brush hair from the root
– If you are interested please call 224-622-4022 or better still come in and see us if you would like more information

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Don’t block your creative soul and start to create new images with TRIMMER Hair’s Technology

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The records of TRIMMER TECHNOLOGY are:
– Cold System ( no use of heat sources)
– Energy Saving System ( no use of electrical machines)
– Most Synergetic System Worldwide ( the hair are applied directly among the customers hair and not overlapping)
– Most thin Application Worldwide ( only the thickness of the hair)
– The Lightest Applications Worldwide ( only the weight of the hair)
– The Most Transparent Applications Worldwide ( only the color of the hair)
– The Most Elastic Application Worldwide ( the application suit to the natural roundness of the head)
– The Most Transpiring Applications Worldwide ( breathability to the 80% on the juncture of the customers hair strand and the extension strands)
– The Most Customizable Applications Worldwide ( with one system you can realize standard strands, micro, maxi of 3-4cm…you can also apply only 1 single hair)
– Lasting of the Application Minimum 3 Months
– THE ONLY applications Worldwide on which you can pass the FLAT IRON ( the system is 100% cold and doesn’t recognize / react on the heat)
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